The year 2019 is almost nearing to the end. I’ve seen a lot of people do these sort of reviews of their year and so I’ve decided to do this as well as it serves two purposes - It lets you reflect where you stand on the path towards accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself and also will serve as a memory of sorts so It’s something you can look back to.

Now, I don’t keep a journal of any sort so I’ll be having trouble remembering what all stuff happened this year but I’ll try my best. I’ll do this in a list format. Please note that this list is not in chronological order.

Things that were good

  • Finally started a website/personal blog (The one you’re reading this post on)
  • Got  hired as a Product Engineer at @getpostman
  • Kick-started my reading habit
  • Moved to a new place that has a window that overlooks a giant tree. Nature === Happy
  • Learned to be grateful for stuff that I have, and not whine about what I don’t.
  • Tried pursuing some hobbies - photography, and writing. I’m still poor at both of them but I like doing them and hope to constantly improve.

Things that could’ve been better

  • Wasted a lot of time on mindless scrolling on social media. Will have to cut this down to minimal usage
  • Have a lot of unfinished stuff - blog posts, side projects, etc. that I plan to finish or have significant progress on next year.
  • I am not great at making decisions because I don’t like the responsibility that comes along with it. This has to improve.
  • I still sometimes lack in taking care of my physical and mental health. I’ll have to work towards changing that.