impending emotional turmoil is somewhat like the first drop of the oncoming rain.

you’re out on the road, and there is it suddenly. you feel it on your cheek and you wipe it off.

you don’t think much of it.

you don’t rush to seek shelter even though you are not carrying your umbrella.

a minute after this, you feel 3 drops instead of just one.

you know something’s wrong, but you’re not quite sure of what yet!

and then, one more minute later, all of the skies come pouring down!

you rush to find shelter, but there’s nothing in sight.

you look around with eyes full of hope but the other people are just fending for themselves.

you’re wet from head to toe, but there’s nothing you can do so you keep walking.

you tell yourself to never ignore the first drop of rain in the future.

an ample amount of time later, you’re walking home on a cloudy evening.

a drop of rain falls on your shoulder.

you ignore it and keep walking.