The window of my messy room

i’ve seen the world from my window

i’ve seen the falling rain from the moonlit sky

a couple walking under the same umbrella,

their expressions. oh so shy!

I’ve seen the mighty eagle soaring high

and tiny birds flying back to their homes.

to them, sometimes i whisper goodbye

i’ve seen the empty roads on sleepless nights

i’ve seen the misty leaves on early mornings

i’ve sat at the window when my world was collapsing

i’ve sat at the window feeling immense joy

i’ve seen the dark blue kite flying in the light blue sky

i’ve seen lights sparkling in the mountains up high

i’ve seen the street lamp’s eerie glow on evenings

i’ve heard birdsong welcoming the sunrise on mornings

This poem feels incomplete because it is. I started this poem many months ago, as I sat beside my window, deep in self-reflection. That window is now a relic of my past, out of reach. Nevertheless, I could not just leave this poem sitting in my notes app forever. It is now out in the world, for all of those who sit beside their windows and daydream. May you achieve your dreams one day!