31st December 2019 11:36 PM

I stand alone on the roof of my three-floored building, cold winds are blowing in all directions.

I’ve returned from a brisk walk in the neighbourhood.

My neighbourhood is surrounded by bars and restaurants, so there are a lot of people and a lot of the new year cheer.

On the way home from the main road, there’s a row of houses of people who are not as rich as the ones partying in the clubs.

They’re sitting outside the road on their houses, and seem to be drawing some kind of pattern with chalk on the road. Upon close inspection, I see that they’ve drawn a beautiful rangoli as their way of welcoming the new year.

It is way past their bedtime, but sleepy children wander about on the street. Seeing them makes me smile.

Everyone has their own way of celebration.

Some people have already started bursting crackers, people can be so impatient.

I seemed to be okay with not having any plans for new years but seeing people dancing away at the clubs made me a little sad.

It is kinda fun though. Cool Winds. The faint rustling of leaves and the even fainter noise of the music which must be playing at a nearby club. If this is not peace, then what is?

I came up here because I wanted to be alone with my thoughts to reflect on how my year has been. It’s been a topsy turvy ride actually.

Last New Year, When I was watching firecrackers at midnight with my friends, I could never have imagined that next year will be tremendously different.

What does the next year have in store for me?

Time passes so swiftly that we will soon find out!

It is almost midnight now. I will now countdown to the new year.

Happy New Year!