I very recently switched jobs. I did it because I wanted to explore different technologies and also wanted a better salary. Now, settling into a new workplace is never easy. I’ve struggled with numerous issues including finding a new place to live and adjusting to living alone, trying to make new friends and above all trying to learn new technologies needed for my job.

Somewhere around struggling and badly failing at all this, I wanted to leave everything and run away to home because apparently the pressure was too high to bear for me. I tried to remain positive but failed.

Today in the morning I saw a video of a 63 year old guy who was selling ice cream on the street. The video was an advertisement for some company I don’t remember but in that advertisement the old guy told his story of how his son had died in a very young age and has left two granddaughters of his behind. The 63 year old guy was working hard at such a young age so that his granddaughters’ future could be bright. His job is physically tiring. He is a roadside seller and he must only be able to make ends meet somehow.

That video taught me two things:

  • Always be grateful of what you have
  • Never lose hope. You might have options to get back to your comfort zone but think of those who don’t and have to keep going on.