I’m trying to write something again after a long time. Exams are going on and the last few exams weren’t that great. I will barely manage to pass. But That is nothing new. I can’t seem to drag my ass to study. So Unless the Sun starts rising in the west or something, “Hope I pass” will be my words after every exam.

I had decided to study today. But That Never Happened. Out of the blue, I decided I will hack a certain website. Now I am no hacker or anything. I am just a very curious and enthusiastic person when I’m doing something that I am very passionate about. So I started. I tried to find vulnerabilities that the site was exposed to. Luckily I found one remote code execution vulnerability which in layman’s language means that if I am successful in exploiting the vulnerability then I can make any desired changes to the website. Some more google-fu and I found a ready-made exploit. I followed all the instructions and executed it while constantly having chills flow through my spine.

But Apparently, Life is not that easy.

The exploit only worked half way. Later on, I realized My Script Kiddie Idiot Mind Had made a simple mistake.I tried again. A few hours had already passed and amidst all this, I even forgot that I was hungry. My attempts were failing so I thought I’d Better eat something and then get back at it. So after eating I was back at it. By this time I had realized that I could not hack this site Unless I tried to enter through the Front Door that is Trying to guess Some passwords. Half an hour later, It didn’t work either.

The Sun Had Fallen.

I decided to do a vulnerability assessment of every service that the website ran on. A few hours and hundreds of failed attempts later, I shut down my laptop in vain.

I guess I wasted another day instead of studying.