Another sleepless night! What’s the reason today? Well as soon as I close my eyes, she pops up. And then she smiles. But Alas! In my half-asleep state, I realize that this heavenly smile is not for me. Feeling dejected, I open my eyes and stare into the blankness of the walls. There is she again, laughing at my lame jokes as her eyes light up with joy. But again, Those eyes no longer shine joy upon my heart. It’s been a while since she told me that the feelings are not mutual. I am a rational person. I know how to move on. Why is my heart playing this game with me then?

Maybe in these lines, I’m pouring my heart out to let go of these feelings.
I feel a little empty right now but maybe some things are meant to be lost. She might be gone but not without making me realize that my heart is still capable of love.

I’ve stopped reading her horoscope before mine. Maybe I have moved on and this is a way of acknowledging it to myself.

Anyways without wandering over to dreamland, I’ll conclude this small piece of writing.

The thing about love is that, love does not go without taking a piece of your heart along