The early morning, around 4 AM in the summers is the most beautiful of times. As I sit beside this window, listening to the sounds of prayer from a nearby Gurudwara, it instantly takes me back to my school days. Those days, when I would wake up to get ready for school, it was still dark outside, especially in the winters. I remember sitting in my bathroom, staring at the bucket of water, thinking if a bath in such cold weather is really worth it, as the same gurudwara prayer could be heard in the background.

The sky also takes an hopeful color near the arrival of dawn. It is no longer dark and gloomy of the night.

The sounds of the morning fascinate me the most. If other people in your house are still asleep, there isn’t much noise and a constant tick-tick of the clock is echoing in the room, being a constant reminder of the strides of time.

Outside is even more interesting. A crow keeps calling out to is friends with sequential noises. I say noises, but in the silence of the early morning, it appears soothing. Other birds like myna and sparrows are not usually awake yet.